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Communicating and elevating our concepts through art and music is where we can begin to understand and connect with each other

beyond the lens of our own experience.


Paul's Dream

is a concept score for the 2021 film Dune originally scored by the legendary Hans Zimmer. This trailer for the film is a dream sequence that really is more of a premonition. The first melody you hear is a war cry that tells you something is coming, something other worldly and ominous. I chose the voice to be the featured instrument because in the film the use of the voice holds a lot of mystical power.


In thinking about what kinds of sounds we would hear in this world I knew a lot of those sounds would be made by humans and their machines as they navigate this massive desert with their highly advanced technology.

Dune 2021: Trailer

Procession & Postlude   were created for Subcircle's dance performance of Vesper, which premiered in July 2022 at the Ocean Park Temple in Maine. Inspired by the movement of the dancers and the architecture of the temple, these two scores invoke the power of rituals past and present. Procession is a nod to the Italian court dances during the Baroque era, where as Postlude in its hypnotic ambient quality calls on a more modern and meditative practice.

Ping Pong Pang was created in collaboration with dance artist Scott McPheeters, and was developed through a call and response process via a series of dance and music improvisations.This led to a dialogue through which we explored the embodiment of empathy.

Either Way It's Going Down was created for the dance film Red in 2021 and in collaboration with filmmaker and choreographer Elizabeth Mulkey, this score explores the complexities of self-confidence, will power, and an unyielding sense of hope. 

Unseen was commissioned by Middle Tennessee State University's Department of Theatre and Dance and created to accompany the live performance of Unseen choreographed by Joy Davis. This score draws inspiration from radio waves, morse code, and satellite communication.

Send Back My Love  was originally commissioned by TranscenDance theatre of San Diego, CA and was featured in their 2020 dance film. This revisited version expands deeper in to the Lofi genre with additional jazz elements and a sample from Ella Fitzgerald's Solitude.

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